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The Roots' Farm

Welcome to the Roots' farm. I am going to try and share my trials and errors of starting a micro farm from scratch and on a tight budget. This will be an on going affair and I will update when I can so please be patient. I'll start with a few pictures of the family. First is Frosty. She was bought from a lady in Shelbina Mo. who raised her in a loving environment and it shows. She thinks she is a dog and on the rare occasions she gets out of the fence she will wind up on the front porch patiently awaiting our arrival home from work. Her partner in crime is a Dexter called Annabel. Annabel is not the friendliest cow in the world but if you have a treat for her she is more than happy to come and make your acquaintance.

We had also purchased a pygmy goat named Oreo. Oreo was not well suited for life on a 5 acre farm and was quite notorious for visiting the neighbors and eating their flowers. He went to greener pastures. He was adopted by a nice lady with a small heard of goats and last I heard was quite the ladies man. His short stay did bring us a blessing though. Baby was born on motherís day 2009. She is quite the curious little thing but has taken after her mother and never wanders off.

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