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The little barn that could (maybe).

We soon discovered that my pallet goat house was gravely inadequate so construction soon started on the new barn. This was meant to be a small project to house 3 Dexter cows and 2 goats. It soon grew a little larger as a chicken coop was added to the plans. We were still staying simple and the construction soon started. We had a few 8' 4X4's and started one corner. Digging with a hand held post hole digger is not the easiest way to do it but since it only cost me $3 at auction I was going to give it a try.

We now had an 8' X 8' area and were ready for the cement. I only got down about 1-1/2' but each pole has an 80lbs bag of cement holding it in. I squared off of these post to continue the barn.

Frosty and baby came over to check things out. Apparently they believe it is their new play toy.

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